Odoo Accounting by Novobi

Enhanced Features

See at a glance the new features and enhancements we've made to Odoo's native Accounting app to make it easier and more intuitive for North American bookkeepers and accountants.  New Features are those designed and developed by Novobi to bring extra functions to Odoo Accounting, Enhanced Features are improvements or localizations to Odoo's native Accounting functions.   


New Feature by Novobi

Enhanced Feature by Novobi

Managerial Accounting

Budgeting & Forecasting

Company-wide budget planning   

Cashflow forecasting 

Dashboard & KPIs

Executive Dashboard with configurable KPIs

KPI Alerts (Email/Slack/SMS)  

Custom KPIs for individual user

Aging monitoring

AR/AP charts


Advanced audit trail

Financial Accounting 

Manufacturing & Retail Verticals

Multi-channel Revenue Recognition

Job Costing for ETO/Manufacturing

Standard journal entry structure for Manufacturing & Inventory

Inventory valuation report


Quickbooks-style Bank Reconcilliation 

Undo bank reconciliation

Support unlimited splits for bank rules

Credit card transaction reconciliation

Check transaction reconciliation  
Support statement balance in reconciliation

Support reconciliation per bank statement period

Support Segregation of Duties (SOD) in bank reconciliation

Undo applied transactions

Bank reconciliation detail report

Post-reconciliation change tracking

Sales to Cash

Invoice aging management

Batch Payment (Deposit) with adjustment option

Option to choose invoice(s) to apply to a payment

View payment information from paid invoices

Apply part of credit note to a customer invoice

View total, open, and overdue balances in customer lists

Manage sales deposit

Invoice write-offs

Enhanced customer statement

Print customer statements in bulk

Purchase to Payment

Purchase deposit management

Check printing using US-standard check paper

View payment info from paid vendor bills

Apply partial refund

Show total, open, and overdue balances in vendor lists

Choose bill(s) to apply to a payment

Billable expense management

1099 tax reporting & tracking

Recurring Transactions

Issue Checks Without Vendor Bills


US-localized Profit and Loss report

Posted transaction deletion/cancellation

Freeze column headers in list views

Search and filtering enhancement for all types of transactions

Search and filtering enhancement in list views

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